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Refreshing and Restoring

We believe that the refreshing, therapeutic power of Jesus Christ renews one's heart and mind to completely redeem and transform life, while ultimately restoring all of creation to God's original plan. The beauty of holiness cannot be explained, but experienced through the acceptance of God's love through Jesus Christ. There is but only one reliable source on earth that this truth may be found and that is a collection of ancient, trustworthy, irrefutable documents called the Holy Bible. It is infallible and proven of all ancient writings, to be the unadulterated Word of our Creator. Just look around you at all that exists, and you can see the pages of the Bible living and breathing in your very presence.

We would like for you to experience God's unmatched love and the compassion of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we teach the Bible carefully and passionately as not to distort the picture that God chose to reveal Himself to mankind. This is what we believe, this is what we teach.

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